Waist-curved Dress

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Washing and Taking Care For The Product Silk is a high-quality material produced from natural silk or specialized synthetic silk fibers, fragile, smooth, soft, and shiny, so it requires the user to be gentle, delicate and pampered. The following is a guide to using VROSA silk products: Dry cleaning is the best way to keep the original quality of the product Hand washing gently with non-detergent body wash/shampoo. Do not soak silks Do not rub, just wash by hand gently No detergent Washing it with low temperature water, not higher than 30°C Steam iron at low temperature Avoiding drying the product under directly sunshine Note: -For Brocade and Velvet products 100% dry cleaning, hiding from the sunshine -The products need to hang on hangers, avoid making the product crease.

Chi tiết sản phẩm

One of the special, trendy designs of VROSA with a modern, freesize, but not boring form.

The design is made from high-quality, soft silk fabric, with a gentle but still very prominent moss tone.
Emphasizing the waistline helps to conceal the ladies’ flaws, and also gives an equally attractive image.

The dress gives the image of women who are elegant, liberal, and also very feminine.

Size: Freesize

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